While I haven't given North a party in years, this year needs to be special – he's our resident celebripup on the site after all! There are so many options for having a doggie-friendly event – like Molly's party for Oliver's first birthday last year – and it's easy to get bogged down by the details.
After deliberating about North's fiesta for weeks, I've settled on an intimate gathering at a friend's backyard! This way there won't be any uninvited guests eating North's cake, safe space for my pooch to pee play . . . and plenty of room for any spillage (that doesn't involve cleaning carpets or sofas)! There are many options for holding an event for a pet – other than someone's house – check out my list when you


  • People park: A park with an off-leash area is a great place to throw a party for dogs! If you're lucky enough to have one with a picnic area, get there early to stake out a spot and bring balls for people and pets to play with.
  • Dog park: This is a tad trickier, but a fun place for an insta-party. Check with the rules of the park and then get to planning. Bring enough supplies for everyone like party hats for the people – and stake out a spot outside the park with special treats for the pups – sharing is caring – and both of you could make great friends in the process!
  • Rented room: If money's no object, rent a dog-friendly room or event space! Some pet stores, like Atlanta's Hipbone Pet offer rooms for your private party. If you're lucky enough to have a BFF at a doggie bakery or pet store, these are already guaranteed dog-friendly spots that may let you stop by off hours for your gala.
  • Daycare: If your dog's best pals are at daycare, ask them if they ever allow private or semi-private events like NYC's Biscuits & Bath. Keep in mind it may cost per pet, and likely impossible to bring dogs without proof of vaccinations.

Have more great location ideas of your own? Share them below!