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Has Your Dog Ever Caught Your Yawn?

I'm not gonna lie — I totally yawned while watching this clip . . . and so did this dog.

According to recent research, not only do people find yawning contagious, but pooches do as well! The team created two conditions where a stranger sat in front of the dog and called its name. Under the first condition, the stranger yawned once the dogs had made eye contact with him or her, and under the second, the person simply silently opened and closed his or her mouth and did not yawn. The results: The team found that 21 out of 29 dogs yawned when the stranger in front of them yawned — and, on average, dogs yawned 1.9 times.

Has this ever happened to you? (On a side note, am I the only one who also yawned watching this? Share in your comments below.)

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