Heartworm Disease, Heartgard

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No matter where dogs live, or how much time they spend indoors vs. outdoors, all dogs are at risk for potentially deadly heartworm disease. If you own a dog, know these important facts:

• Heartworm-infected dogs can spread infection via mosquitoes.
• Dogs have been diagnosed with heartworm disease in all 50 US states.1
• At least 250,000 dogs test positive for heartworm disease a year. 2
• Treatment for heartworm disease is costly for owners and stressful for dogs.
• Untreated infections can lead to severe heart/lung/kidney disease – and even death.

You can help protect your dog from the dangers of heartworm disease by using a monthly preventive, such as HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) — the #1 choice of veterinarians.3  When given monthly, HEARTGARD Plus also treats and controls roundworms and hookworms. Plus, it’s the only Real Beef Chewable with the taste dogs prefer 37 to 1!4

HEARTGARD is well tolerated. All dogs should be tested for heartworm infection before starting a preventive program. Following the use of HEARTGARD Plus, digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. For more information, contact your veterinarian or visit

1 Accessed on 2/14/08.
2  Estimated numbers based upon clinics reporting previous year data in both 2002 and 2005 for the AHS Survey.
3  Marketing Dynamics; Monthly share report, Vet dispensed treatments; 02/01/08; data on file.
4  Of dogs showing a preference in three studies conducted by independent investigators, dogs preferred HEARTGARD Plus over INTERCEPTOR® (milbemycin oxime) FLAVOR TABS® by a margin of 37:1; data on file at Merial.

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