How adoro are these two?! DearSugar's mom just added the lil preciouses to her family — the aqua-eyed Tonkinese made the trip up from Fresno and are now settling in nicely at their new home. The duo arrived yesterday but there's one big problem . . . or two, rather. They're so adorable that she can't decide what to name them!

To make it easier for myself, I'm gonna creatively refer to these babies as "one" and "two. " The feisty kit on the right ("one") is trying to claim her throne as queen of the household and prances around like she owns the place. But I think soon "two" (on the left) may stage an attack — this cat may be smaller and more timid, but she has a big, bold voice and is already meowing up a storm. So, as classy as my temporary names are, Dear's mom wants something a little more fitting for their beauty. Can you help out? If you've got name ideas, leave them in your comments below. I'll keep you posted on the naming process!