Back in 2005, Honda featured a minivan that was made for you and your best friends — furry and non-furry alike. With passenger seating for up to six people, you'd think there would be plenty of room for Fido to ride along without any problems. But Honda thought that having an abundance of room wasn't enough. The "Dog Car," based on Honda's "Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon" (or W.O.W) concept, had a spot for your pooch either right up front in the dash or in the second row seat in a popup dog crate that folds down into the floorboards when not in use.

Even better, the "Dog Car" offered wider doors and a floor-mounted seat belt to secure your larger breeds. My question is: where are you, Dog Car!? Although this was a concept in Japan four years ago, it would be amazing to check this out now. I'm sure there are plenty of dog owners that could benefit from the car's safety features and the convenience of having a builtin crate for your dog to ride easy. If the "Dog Car" were real, would you consider driving it?