To the untrained eye, this may just look like an ordinary sculpture, a bit mod . . . possibly a lamp? Oh no, no, no. This is a Hotdoll, designed for a pooch that just can't stop (sorry, there's no delicate way to put this) humping. Although I don't think this creation is available for retail purchase at this time, I know of one pup that could have used something like this . . . Samantha's lil lass from the Sex and the City movie. The dog's talents prompted Samantha to adopt her on the spot, but those talents did not come as easy as it looked in the film. This cute pet, named Gidget in real life, had her own agenda on the set . . . especially when it came to humping on cue.

Gidget may sound like a very talented pooch, but apparently she was a bit of a diva, forcing the shooting schedule to work around her. “The dog would hump best in the morning, and at one point Kim said, ‘I get it — we have to do the dog’s humping first,’” the movie's writer-director, Michael Patrick King, said.

I don't know about you, but I've never seen a humping female dog before . . . and wonder how Gidget picked up that trait? What do you think – if you could buy this product and get your pets in on the action (or stop them from getting it on with your pillows), would you?