Looks like Paris is short at least one pet at the moment as her little kitty, Prada, has been repo'd. The cat was brought in for the ol' snip-snip, but never picked up again. Sigh. While Paris' people claim the cat was to be delivered to them and was not, Kris Kelley (of the adopting agency, the Kris Kelley Foundation) says she called Ms. Hilton herself . . . and got no answer. Now, Paris may not have the best reputation as a pet owner . . . but it's still possible that her attitude and history could cause us to immediately assume she's in the wrong. After all, the agency did choose to give her the cat in the first place?! Now TMZ reports that Paris's camp is saying that this is a publicity stunt on behalf of the foundation after Paris decided not to work with Kelley on a larger scale project.

I'm just imagining the communication breakdown here. Kris calls Paris to ask about Prada. Paris promptly forgets the phone call (and to tell her "people") and then this happened. I definitely believe she in fact has people to take care of such issues and, with as many pets as she has, it seems like the furry flava of the month could have been easily overlooked. I'm a tad torn over the real role of her rep and the feud in this sitch – how about you?