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PetSugar Q + A: How Do You Get a Pet to Sleep In?

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a dog! Well, certain pets, that is. While my wise pooch loves his sleepy time almost as much as I do, I thank my lucky stars (almost) everyday because I know that's not always the case. No groggy pre-dawn walks and no workday wakeup calls paws on the weekend at our home.

Not only do I know from past experience that this is a common problem, I came across a related question in our new community group, PetSugar Q and A. A reader asked how to get a dog to sleep in and added in the comments:

He is a puppy still and sleeps in the crate but by 6 a.m. he is crying . . . poor guy. We don't let him upstairs because he has allergies and scratches during the night which wakes us up. Any other suggestions?

I'd try adding a cuddly toy or other distraction in the crate to keep a pup settled in and more occupied while you're sleeping but let's all rally together and offer suggestions in the comments below!

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reggaecupcake reggaecupcake 7 years
oh man im so glad i dont have that problem! my chi reggae sleeps in every day longer then me!! he will sleep every day while i am getting ready for work until we leave for work (he goes with me everyday)
lostinsomniac lostinsomniac 7 years
As the others have said, it's definitely a puppy thing. When Pru was a pup, she would get me up at 5:30 on the dot every morning for about three or four months or so. I would take her to do her business and then snooze on the couch with either her on my chest or in her crate right next to me. As for when she got older, she still gets up early, but since she sleeps in bed with me I leave a shade up a bit on one of my windows so she can keep her self entertained by looking outside.
TammyO TammyO 7 years
Unfortunatly this might just be a matter of waiting till he gets older and calmer.
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
He's a puppy. Puppies are Energizer bunnies. Not only that but they also can't hold their bladder for as long as adult dogs. Be happy he gives you until six. It could be worse. Zena wakes my dad up at four-thirty AM to go potty and she's 6 years old. Unfortunately, I need to agree with weffie on that point. They are rambunctious, energetic and up very early. They're babies. It's common knowledge as even human babies keep their parents up. They need more. If it really bothers you, you shouldn't have gotten a puppy.
weffie weffie 7 years
He is a puppy and sleeps in a crate? You are lucky that he even gives you til 6. If you want him to sleep later, go for a BIG run around 12 or 1 in the morning and you might get an extra hour or two. Really tho... puppies are energetic and usually raring to go at early hours, it's not a secret or anything. If that conflicts with your lifestyle, you should have adopted an older dog. Raising babies should be left to people who care enough and have the time to raise them right.
kitkatherine kitkatherine 7 years
we let the dog sleep with us.... she will sleep past noon now...... all it takes is "wanna snooze?" and she's laid back down and falling asleep again
kismekate kismekate 7 years
I would personally keep him in the crate by 6am, let him out, put him in a confined area (for me, it's the kitchen), and then go back to bed! It's what I do every weekend.
mheart mheart 7 years
I always make sure my dog doesn't eat too late & take her outside right before I go to bed. If I don't do this she always wakes up very early in the morning having to go. Until she was old enough, she did the same thing every morning at 5 or 6... but it got better as she got older & was able to hold it longer. I know puppies don't have as much control but also don't like to go in their crates so maybe 6am is his limit?
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