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That Waggy Tail and 4 Other Ways Dogs Show They Care

Nov 23 2011 - 4:00am

It's almost Thanksgiving [1] and to celebrate let's examine how doggies show their appreciation without using words just like we did for the cats [2]!

His Tail Says Hi

Those tails show he's so happy to see you just watch which way it wags [3]! Even a tailless dog can get in on the action by waving his whole backside!

He Plays Follow the Leader

Although you'll likely notice this most when you're about to eat, pups love to show interest in what their people are doing. Even if it's a boring chore like laundry, he's there to check you out.

He Gives Wet Kisses

Some pups show their affection with a slobbery kiss [4] while others prefer snuggles instead.

He's Always Happy to See You Again

After a rough day, I can't help but smile at North's excitement to see me once again!

He Humors Us

Even if he's happily playing with his toy on his own, he lets us wrestle it away and frolic, too.

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