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Hop to It and Stop Doggone Jumping With These Tricks

Is your pet a leaping lizard, errrr, dog? My lil guy loves hopping up for stranger kisses, and it's something we're constantly working on since he doesn't do this to me. If I have company over, my friends all know the training method I use:

  • Grabbing his paws! When a dog jumps up, gently grasp his paws and hold them firmly in place. While at first most pups won't care, when you don't let go, chances are they'll get more uncomfortable, struggle, and try to get away. When this happens, say "off" or "down" (depending on the word you favor) and let go. Immediately follow this by asking him to sit and rewarding when he follows through. Repeat this process every time your dog jumps up.

Learn two more commonly accepted methods to limit jumping when you


  • Stepping on the leash! Simply leave a leash on your pet indoors when company's coming so it drags around behind him. Whenever you notice your pooch ready to jump, place your foot on the leash. Don't stomp so close that he immediately notices your foot, but don't leave enough slack for him to jump all the way up. When he jumps, say "off" or "down," and the leash should help correct him. Follow up with a sit command and reward as above. Please note, this really works best on collared pets — I tried it with North's harness and he was either still able to jump or got tangled (and fell sideways), which wasn't too effective on my lil guy!
  • Kneeing or body turns! I spotted this technique in Marley and Me. While obviously not moving too quickly or intensely, instead raise your knee or turn your body when a pooch tries to jump up, and they'll collide before making their way up. Accompany this with a hand signal or verbal command so you can eventually move to only having to say the word or make the "stop" gesture to get your desired result!
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Lovely_1 Lovely_1 6 years
also remember: a happy/good dog is a tired dog! make sure they are getting enough excersie! it makes a HUGE difference!!!
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