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Oh no! Read this problem submitted by PetSugar reader bluerose462 in Pet Peeves and see if you can offer any tips for her:

I can't afford training classes. So please.... please don't tell me that's the only way I can get my lil Pepper to stop peeing and pooing on everything. Cesar Milan can come to my house anytime he wants . "Pack leader" my a**! She seems to know who's boss, but won't always make it to the potty pads. The vet recommended that Pepper not go outside until eight weeks and her shots are given. Long story short we got her really young because her mother stopped milking and "special precautions" were taken (no immune system) to keep Pepper healthy.

She is doing very well now and is turning out to be a great lil addition to our family. Her first set of shots are due this Tuesday. (Yay)

However, if you know any special tricks to help, let me know please.

Share your tips in comments, then submit your own problems or burning pet questions in Pet Peeves group, too.

stellaRuby stellaRuby 7 years
How old is the dog?
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
You didn't mention how old he is, just that he's young. Very young puppies don't have the bladder muscles/control to hold it in so often just go whereever. I had a hard time potty training my youngest dog and I found that crate training was one of the only things that would work. And a schedule. I worked from home, so I would literally take her out every hour on the hour. And if I couldn't be watching her, she was in the crate because she couldn't be trusted!
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