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How Often Do You Bathe Your Cat?

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drea-nicole drea-nicole 8 years
Never. Merlot is a persian and I heard that bathing her can make matting worse. We get her a lion cut twice a year to keep her comfy though.
sarasonne sarasonne 8 years
Unless there should be some kinda big poop attack incident, NEVER.
beansandsyke beansandsyke 8 years
my 13yr old cat has had about 3 full baths and maybe two foot/butt dips... its unfun.
sentineltree sentineltree 8 years
i think i bathed my kitty when she was a baby...but that was years ago! now shes older and an indoor cat, so she never gets dirty, she just sheds alot haha
asense0fwonder asense0fwonder 8 years
never. my cat is an indoor princess. he keeps himself cleaner than do most humans!
Aphrosette Aphrosette 8 years
Well the cats get a bath rarely, but mostly b/c they are indoor/outdoor and can get super dirty sometimes. Like roll in gas or something...yuck!!! But I dated someone in HS whose mother gave the cat a bath EVERY week....literally every Sunday since the cat was a kitten.....somehow I guess it was used to it b/c it never had a fit....crazy!!
sailing-chick sailing-chick 8 years
I'm not sure if the cat is happy or about to go nuts
Pistil Pistil 8 years
Never tried. I can't tell if the cat in the video is stewing angrily or extremely relaxed.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
I never plan on washing my cats, but one of them has a habit of peeing or pooping in his carrier on the way home from the vet. I bathe him then.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
My cat is indoor, but we like to bathe her to help with her coat shedding and keeping it nice and pristine (though she is a short haired cat) We bathe her once a season, so 4 times per year with a conditioning shampoo. We also have between bath wipes just for an extra freshening.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Never - I don't have a death wish ;) My cats are all indoor, and they do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves !
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