I can't rave enough about the Furminator, both the original and the new deluxe line and this question comes to us from Community Member jennIRL in the Cat Palace group.

I've reached a shedding breakdown (cat hair everywhere, and my vacuum broke!) yesterday, so I finally went to Petco and bought a Furminator, based on the recommendations of pretty much everyone here. (I also bought a new vacuum, but I'm hoping not to have to use it nearly as much, since that's what — aside from being cheap — broke the old one) and everyone was right, this thing is the best. Hobbes likes to roll around on the ground and have his belly scratched, and every single time I come away with handfuls of hair. But he did this after I spent just a couple of minutes on him with the Furminator, and hardly a hair came out. Hallelujah!

So now I'm wondering, how often should I furminate? Is it safe to do daily (or as often as the cats will allow), or should it only be done every now and then? Anyone have any thoughts?

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