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Sure, North loves to play, but he seems to share my fear of large objects flying toward the face. While we've been content to sit on the sidelines, I'm surprised how well he's learning to be a real disc dog! I've gathered up my best practices to send you on your sporty way, too.

  • Know fetch backwards and forwards. Not literally, but make sure your pet has mastered fetch or else your game will be very short-lived. Start by just teaching your pets to "go get" and "give back" before focusing on catching if he's a beginner at this basic trick.
  • Choose a disc that matches his size. Most little pups don't want to see a huge platter flying at their heads and will have trouble catching it midair. Although many dogs will use traditional Frisbees, discs created for dogs can be softer and easier for them to catch.
  • Get your pet interested in the disc. Introduce the disc as a new, fun toy. It can help to practice outside to save your lamps, and make it easier for doggies to pick up the discs off soft ground over hardwood floors.

Find out how to start the actual game and


  • Set up for game on. The easiest way to start is to have your pup in front facing you and then gently throw the disc in his direction. Based on your height (and his height) adjust the height you throw the disc at. Some pups are better at looking up and judging where to go and others can outrun to catch a low flier.
  • Add on complex positions. After your pooch has mastered that game, have your pup stand (or sit) at your side watching you. When you throw the disc, he has to watch, run, and catch it.
  • Rack up the points. Many competitions tally scores based on the number of consecutive catches a pup makes and his ability to run far out in different directions. When you've mastered the sport, buy some spare discs. Then you can teach your pet to catch, drop, and start again.
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