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PetSugar Q + A: How Should I Tell My Roommate That Her Dog Is Peeing Everywhere?

This troublesome question comes from our newest community group, PetSugar Q and A:

I don't want to come off mean but I really can't take it anymore — my once good-smelling house now reeks of pee. I find pee all over the house (and recently has been showing up in MY room on the bottom of my comforter no less) while she is gone.

She works all the time and so it's basically up to me to always let the dogs out (even though I am a full-time student with three jobs). I do let them out all the time but this still happens at least once/twice a day. I find pee on the linoleum so I know it's in the carpet too.

I have a large dog that would rather rupture his bladder than pee in the house so I don't know how to deal with this. She is a sensitive person so it's a tough situation. Any suggestions?

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BustersPoppa BustersPoppa 5 years
I've been thru this before. If they can't respect your wishes, get them out of your house. There's no easy way. But if the house is yours, you don't need to live like this. Its just not worth the headache!
CoralAmber CoralAmber 7 years
I agree with weffie, just bring it up as a scheduling issue that you both need to help eachother with. If she's reluctant, get a black light and show her all the spots. But I wouldn't say that your dog is entirely innocent. Maybe he's picking up bad habits from the other dog.
deanna024 deanna024 7 years
You say that it is your house. If it is, she is somewhat like a tenant in your house -- you set the rules and she needs to respect them or else.
weffie weffie 7 years
Play off her sensitivity and ask her to sympathize with the poor dogs... Imagine crossing your legs for hours on end, hoping someone will come home and let you out, and finally surrendering to peeing inside (it's their home too--they don't want to!) because nobody showed up... I feel bad for them and I don't even know them :( You two seriously need to figure out a walking schedule. It's not that hard, take turns waking up early and stop in between work and school. Being too lazy or busy to walk your dog is not an option... Tell her that her neglect is abusive if you have to, but hopefully she'll have enough compassion to work in a lunch-break run for the poor little pups without having to threaten her with calling the SPCA.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
I know it will be a sore subject, but you have to! It is just unsanitary and rude of your roommate. I totally don't blame the dog(s) though, they were either never trained, or don't get enough attention or going out time, which is not your responsibility. It is always hard to approach someone, but you have to do it asap! I know I am a usually confident and assertive person, but when it comes to roommates I am always passive and usually have trouble saying things that need to be said about cleaning, groceries, bills, etc. I would try and show her some pee all over the house and start the convo. Talk about how you cannot live with the pee, how it takes your time cleaning it, how it is in your room, and that you are very busy and always taking the dogs out. Hopefully she is understanding! If not, maybe when the lease is up you could find another roommate! And hopefully she starts paying more attention to her dog!
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