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I Found a Dog, What Do I Do? 2010-06-23 09:00:21

In Which PetSugar Returns Home to a Dog on Her Doorstep . . .

No joke! I've recently moved and there's a new furry face that appears to want to keep me company right in my hallway. You may recall the feline friend waiting outside my last apartment, and this time it's a dog. I don't discriminate.

I see the pup sitting or lying outside the door across the hall and he never moves, even if I coo or if North lunges tries to go over to say hi nicely. Am I just a magnet for pets?!

I'm fairly certain the dog belongs to whomever lives in that unit, since I haven't met that neighbor yet, but the canine is so chill and content that I'm guessing he prefers to wait for his mommy (or daddy) outside the door instead of in. Have any of you seen anything like this yourself?

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Lovely_1 Lovely_1 7 years
Aww look at those puppy eyes! Yea i would ask the neighbors long as they know and he has food/water it should be ok! He looks like a good boy!
Vampyre Vampyre 7 years
He looks so sad! Does he look healthy? Is his coat in good condition and does he look like he's being fed? It's hard to tell from just one picture. I just hope that this is a case of he likes to wait outside the door, and not a case of animal abuse. Does he appear to have access to water?
Angelica Angelica 7 years
It's a ghost dog!!! Part of me hopes you solve this mystery. The other part of me wants more updates like this! Really torn here.
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