Last week, I shared the story of a new furry BFF in my apartment building! As it turns out, she has a home and a story, but neither of them were as I expected. Yesterday morning, I happened to leave my apartment at the same time as the guy across the hall. This furball was waiting outside his door as usual; the dog got up and moved out of the way as he locked the door and, as he and I both turned to go down the stairs, he asked, "Is this your dog?"

I looked at him in shock and asked, "Wait, it's not your dog?" After a short convo, we headed off to our respective workplaces. Now, even more perplexed, I ponder my situation and my next step all day. When I returned home that evening, I see my landlord heading upstairs. Curious what he said? Find out and


As it turns out, the pooch belongs to a girl upstairs. The dog had figured out how to flip the lock and turn the knob and get out in the morning. When the dog walker came, the dog was walked as usual but put back in the apartment afterward. While sometimes the pup let itself out again, sometimes she did not. When she did, the girl assumed the dog walker had left the dog in the hallway. However, after chatting with the dog walker, they both realized that it was the doggie all along. The landlord then headed upstairs to install a second lock, not a flip style, higher up on the door to keep the furry escape artist inside. What a funny ending!