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PetSugar Q + A: How Did You Deal With Pee on the Floor?

Ahh, the (not-so-joyful) joys of housetraining! Anyone who's spent the time between first day home and last day inside before final puppy shots has likely cleaned up a lot of waste. It's not a pleasant process so read about bluerose462's experience posted in the PetSugar Q and A group:

Wow, I still adore my wonderful birthday gift. I.E Pepper. However, I have never received a birthday present that pees before. She has this cute little puppy body but there has to be gallon of pee in there! Potty training seems easier with kids LOL for most kids. Pepper is training on pee pads because she is too little to go potty outside. The vet told us not to take her outside until 8 weeks. She will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Cleaning up puppy messes are not my favorite thing to do. “EEEEWWW!”

Get the rest of her tale and


I wonder how children clean up their pet's poop on the carpet or scrub up the carpet cleaner on the beige area rug. How is this accomplished!? Now I know why my grandparents wouldn’t let me have anything that tries to smell their own excrement. It makes me giggle sometimes when I hear myself complain about the pee on the floor. We will train her properly and she will be an excellent mannered dog that’s my promise.
Here I go… scrubbing time….

Help a pup (and owner) out! Share your tips or just plain sympathy in comments, then submit your own burning pet questions in the forum, too.

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Skeptic52 Skeptic52 7 years
I got laminate flooring and installed it myself. It ended up costing just at $1 a square foot thanks to an amazing sale at Home Depot. Now, if one of our dogs or cats gets a urinary infection and has an accident, we're safe. Of course, we haven't had a problem yet. That's just my Before, I lived in apartments. I HATED my little doggy for peeing on my floor sometimes. I could stand outside with her for an hour and she wouldn't pee. I had a roommate whose boy doggie liked to mark things, and after that, she got the idea that she could pee inside. Then, I got a house, got hard flooring, and for some reason she just stopped. It's like now she could have an accident and we'd be okay, so it's not appealing anymore! lol...It's good, really. I've realized, though, that she hates going to the bathroom where other dogs have gone. I think that's why the house is different. At apartments, she had to go outside where other dogs had peed and pooped. I'd have to literally drag her into the grass and she wouldn't move. Maybe that was it.
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