Now we've tackled barking issues on the site in the past, but my new pal, TrèsSugar came to me with one noisy dilemma. Turns out a neighbor has two dogs kept in the backyard at night. However, the two pups don't seem to care for this set-up as they bark or, as she says, one barks and the Pug sounds more like coughing or choking as it tries to chime in. Even though the woman occasionally sticks her head out the window to yell at them, the problem's keeping Très up at night.

I understand we live in the (fairly) temperate San Francisco, yet I'd never dream of leaving a dog outside, especially a smooshy! It's another case of who to call or what to do – I've got a couple ideas in mind but I'm curious how you would handle this sad, sleepless situation so let's hear it in the comments below!