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I Need Your Help . . . Bentley Is Scared of My Husband

This question comes from gunrock in the Pet Peeves group.

I had posted awhile ago about our dog being afraid of men. We have talked to the humane society and they told my husband what to do. Since he has started doing that, which is spending time with the dog, feeding him special treats, taking him for walks, Bentley seems more afraid then ever. He has even stopped eating when my husband is around (and won't eat if husband is near the dish or even in the kitchen). He is growling now, and won't even sit next to me if I am sitting next to my husband.

The humane society never said he was this afraid and my husband and I are getting tired of him peeing and pooping everywhere because he gets scared. My husband is starting to get frustrated since Bentley is showing not signs of improvement, in fact, he is getting worse. Any suggestions? Please help.

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Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
I'm sorry Bentley wasn't a good match for you.
vanilize vanilize 7 years
I believe Bentley has a case of anxiety disorder. There are natural remedies that your vet can prescribe to help him out. As far as the noises goes, most dogs are sensitive to loud noises. Are you under stress because that sometimes trigger the dog to make him act like that...
deanna024 deanna024 7 years
I think it sounds like you made a good decision. It's better for you and for Bentley -- he probably wasn't happy being afraid all the time. Here's hoping you can give your new dog a great home and that Bentley gets help and a home soon.
gunrock gunrock 7 years
we have found a new puppy. He is a beagle and is about 2-3 months old. He is very playful and adores my husband.
gunrock gunrock 7 years
UPDATE: Well the humane society came to our house to see Bentley and to see how he was acting. They think its for the best if he was placed in another home. Since he has been showing some aggression towards my husband and the kids (just recently). They also feel that for us he isn't the right dog. They are going to let us exchange him. I feel really bad about this but I also need to think about my family especially my kids. The person said the puppy is really stressed when my Dh is around and they dont' think its good for him. Thank you for all your advice and I will let you know what puppy we get next.
gunrock gunrock 7 years
He is afraid of all men and alot of noises. No we don;t punish him for being afraid. We don't really punish him for accidents either we just pick him up and take him outside when he does have an accident. And the forcing part we are doing what the humane society trainer told us to do. We dont' make him go to my husband but he does always have treats on him and will offer it to the dog.
Carmelulu Carmelulu 7 years
First, is it just your husband or all men? How about boys? Consult with an Animal Behavior Therapist and/or with your Veterinarian... Medication may help reduce your dog’s anxiety levels for short time periods. Your veterinarian is the only person who is qualified and licensed to prescribe medication for your dog. Don’t attempt to give your dog any over-the-counter or prescription medication without consulting with your veterinarian. Animals don’t respond to drugs the same way people do, and a medication that may be safe for humans could be fatal to your dog. Drug therapy alone won’t reduce fears and phobias permanently, but in extreme cases, behavior modification and medication used together may be the best approach. What Not to Do... • Do not punish your dog for being afraid. Punishment will only make him more fearful. • Do not try to force your dog to experience the object or situation that is causing him to be afraid. For example, if he is afraid of bicycles and you force him to stand in place while bicycles whiz by, he’ll probably become more fearful of bicycles rather than less fearful. • Never punish your dog after the fact for destruction or house soiling caused by anxiety or fear. Animals don’t understand punishment after the fact, even if it’s only seconds later. This kind of destruction or house soiling is the result of panic, not misbehavior. Punishment will do more harm than good.
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