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I Need Your Help . . . Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

It's not so fab to have clothes covered in pet hair, and breathing in that fur and dander can make it all too easy to be wheezy! For those of you who share a home with furry friends, I wanna know how you keep them clean and (relatively) hair-free. Since this allergy affects so many people, and makes pet owners like reeyacha all snuffed up, please share your recommendations for the best vacuums (or other cleaning methods) to remove those flyaways in the comments below!

Update: I've picked the top 10 pet hair vacuums for all budgets — check them out!

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Get-Vacuum Get-Vacuum 5 years
refer to for best deals on vacuum cleaners.  
JKSonic JKSonic 8 years
DO NOT get a Dyson. Not only is it BY FAR the most expensive, but it requires the most attention out of any vac I've ever owned. Dollar for dollar it's one of the worst for pet hair. Look it up at some other places and you'll see it's a very wide spread problem. If I'm spending $300-400 on a vac I want it to work without breaking it down and cleaning it out once a week. There's much cheaper and much better options out there.
Andrehpa Andrehpa 8 years
there are a lot of models of this Dyson Animal. What is yours?
mcnazz mcnazz 8 years
I've been trying to find the best vacuum for pet hair for the past few months. My cats are shedding like crazy! My neighbor actually suggested a Roomba Pet Series vacuum. She said hers picks up pet hair better than any vacuum she's ever had. And she doesn't have to worry about ever pushing a vacuum around again -- the Roomba does everything itself. I ended up taking the plunge and ordering the Roomba 532 from this morning. They are offering 10% off and free shipping for Cyber Monday. Honestly, I think anything will be better than my old Bissell!
EbOne1 EbOne1 9 years
So all of this sounds great, but I have been searching the internet for days (I do have a life, I promis) in search of a pet hair and dust bunny vacuum that will work great on HARDWOODs. I have reviewed and searched and all the animal hair vacuums are up rights, but all the reviews say I should use a canister vacuum on hardwoods. And honestly I have never had any luck with good suction on hardwoods with up rights, even with the brushes off. UGG...I am at a lost! I have a Shark, which does ok. But it doesn't have a filter, so while it may pick up the fuzz from our border collie/chow mix it kicks back the tiny white corse hair from our boxer. O I am at a loss!! HELP!! :)
shepptacular shepptacular 9 years
A woman in petco told me that she uses equal parts fabric softener and water in a spray bottle for a couch to get the hair right off. I tried it and it made my couch smell great but i don't think I used the right kind of towel to get up the hair
designameg designameg 9 years
Dyson Animal ROCKS!
DawnoftheDanes DawnoftheDanes 9 years
As a groomer and a breeder of Great Danes, who can shed unmercifully, a lot of the hair and skin problems in dogs (which BTW causes most of the shedding of skin dander and hair) is two simple words... NUTRITION and HYGIENE. NUTRITION:Commercial dog foods are loaded with grains. Corn, wheat and soy are nothing but fillers AND are carbs a dog does not need. A species appropriate diet is best, as dogs and cats are CARNIVORES. Sure, they may like stuff that isn't really good for them. How many of them have died from drinking antifreeze? To me feeding dog food is like raising a human baby on nothing but cereal. And causes health problems along the way. Proper types of proteins, organs and OMEGAs are imperative in a health dog, which sheds only twice a year... for the seasonal coat change! HYGIENE:bathing a dog regularly is the best way to keep the hair out of the environment. I use a tool called the ZOOM GROOM in the tub to loosen the dead hair so it goes down the drain. Ear cleaning is a biggie folks forget about until it is too late. ALSO.... carbs in the diet feed yeast! The #1 ear problem in dogs. Dogs very rarely get mites. If you nip the problem at the source, less work for you in the end. But, when you have as many dogs as I have... the DYSON ANIMAL is the bomb! And to get the hair out of the car upholstery- spray fabric with Static Guard and wipe the seats and carpet with a rubber squeegee. Even embedded hair comes out.
Courtneydogs Courtneydogs 9 years
I have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, a lab, a cavalier, three french bulldogs and four cats. I have had the Dyson animal for four years and could not be happier with it. It cleans great on carpet and tile.
crystal-tomlin26 crystal-tomlin26 9 years
well, I don't want to be redundant but I also have the Dyson Animal and it has stood up to 5 pets and a complete condo remodel(I used it like a shop vac except with wet stuff and nails) for the past 3 years. It is completely user friendly if it ever loses suction I can figure it out on my own. I love my DYSON :o)
TahitiMoo TahitiMoo 9 years
Actually, I've read several reviews from people returning their Dyson for the Bissell Pet Hair eraser and exclaiming about how much pet hair was removed from the carpet that was just vacuumed with a Dyson earlier; and happy about saving $300 on something better.
kasey009 kasey009 9 years
Ellenora Ellenora 9 years
We just bought a Dyson and it really sucked up all that dog hair. Bissels and Dirt Devils both died trying to vacuum up allergens and dog hair. Our Kirby died after 18 years of picking up dog hair. XD
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