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As much as we may talk to them, sadly our pets can't talk back. So, there can come a time when a precious pal behaves in a baffling way, leaving us to speculate what's caused the change. The cute Penny, a three-year-old Min Pin rescue, has begun showing aggression towards strangers visiting her home for the past few months. TeamSugar member aembry396 explains:

Penny has taken to biting – well, trying to bite as thankfully pants and shoes get in the way – some people who come into my apartment. Usually it's people who have cats, but yesterday she attacked a friend who she has met before for no reason that I can think of. This time she actually bruised someone (no skin broken and we are not even really sure if it was the teeth that did it).

Since we rescued her from a puppy mill rescue league last fall, we are still learning new things about her. However, this seems like such a behavior change. Do you have any ideas why she might be doing this and how to help her not do it again?

Let's put our heads together and try to come up with some suggestions in the comments below!

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