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This post comes to us from our Community Member Halloween31.

It seems that Luca is getting a kick out of destroying everything in sight whenever he is kind of alone. Of course he is never alone, but Lance has proven not be such a whirlwind of trouble. Every time I leave my house and come back I always wonder what now he will have found to rip up. Today it was the water bottles I haven't put in the fridge yet and kibble. At least he didn't eat the food he just rips the packages open and is very happy with the result. He is also very happy when I get home. Now Lance is a completely different story. You leave and he sets himself up on his chair and just stays there. He doesn't wander around or wants to destroy he just sleeps. Now I have tried everything I could think of. Left loads of toys and tried to keep him busy with a kong and so on, but nothing seems to help. Even so I think it's getting worse. He has even found my bag and decided that whatever was in there it had to be taken out. I could really do with some help from you guys and tips to see what I can do to stop this.


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fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
In addition to what advice the previous posters have offered, I would look into contacting local breeders who work specifically with your breed of dog. After rescuing a Persian cat from a shelter, my vet diagnosed him as being PKD (poly cystic kidney disease) positive. A local Persian breeder proved to be a wealth of information, contacts, and encouragement. Best of luck!
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
Halloween31, There's not much that I know of that you can do. Terriers are notorious for ripping up things. Even Zena rips up catalogs when she gets bored! One thing I can suggest is walking him more. If you can't walk him more than once a day for 20 minutes, see if you can hire a dog walker for him. Terriers have tons of energy and need that energy blown off or they will become destructive from boredom. Also, keep anything destructible out of his reach by putting them on top of the fridge or other high places. Harness that insane amount of energy by seeing if he likes agility training or swimming. If he isn't trained, you need to train him (I use positive reinforcement with Zena) before he can go to agility.
missilita missilita 7 years
Hi there, I can relate! I have lost about 20 cushions to my dog and have also had food, shoes, purses and other items relocated or destroyed. My dog even used to jump up on my desk and trample over my computer keyboard! Friends received garbled IM messages from me when I wasn't home & there would be a 100 browser windows open on my monitor. I am not kidding. It may have been separation anxiety or boredom... in any case, we found a solution via an obedience trainer and that is, crating our pup before we go out. Crate-training took some time but it was easier than we expected. Now he loves his crate and we put him in there when we leave the house and he doesn't protest. No more scenes of destruction! It's so great. Good luck!
shepptacular shepptacular 7 years
Hi there, Do both your dogs have free roam of the whole house or just one confined area? Maybe putting a dog door up in a room where you feel it is the most pet safe would prevent the destruction of household items. My first dog gave us a similar problem, tearing apart her own bed and chewing on our tables when we were at work. Your dog (like mine) may be anxious that you are leaving and is relieving the tension through destructive activities. Perhaps one dog is higher energy than the other and could use a tiring walk/run before you leave for the day to work out some of that energy. Perhaps hiring a dog walker to go in the middle of the day when you can't and let them run some more may be helpful as well. Although they may be the same breed they may not have the same temperament and you may have to do more for Luca than you do Lance.
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