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Ouch! My friend's puppy made a recent trip to the groomer . . . and left with these battle scars. As you can see from the pictures, the lil pooch had some visible scrapes and cuts in a newly shorn coat. The facility came highly recommended, but she was admittedly concerned beforehand when they wouldn't let her stay to watch his first haircut. Now I've definitely heard of that practice – especially with young pups who may get overly excited by mom and dad's presence and for liability issues with other dogs around but I can relate to her anger, seeing her pooch with bow-owwies afterward.I've never brought my short-haired pup in for a trim so it's up to you to share your experiences. Have you ever returned to a groomer to see unexpected injuries and what would you do in this situation?

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Carla14527247 Carla14527247 4 years
OMG these injuries are just awful! I have only been grooming in my shop in Penarth, South Wales, UK for about 18 months, and love my job. In uk there are insurance companies that will insure dog groomers, (I prefer to be insured) . Unfortunately, to many groomers do not have insurance. I do my very best to make sure that any dog / cat that comes to my salon is safe at all times and would never take any risks. I have 6 dogs myself and would be horrified if anything like these horror stories I have been reading, ever happened to one of mine. ** I believe the photo above of the line looks to me like a faulty clipper blade, possibly a side broken to leave such a deep straight line, I'll ask the man that sharpens my blades and scissors for me, am sure he would say the same.. ** I also believe that the red sores are either from either the clippers being too sharp (cutting too close to the skin) or more likely being too hot. The clipper blades can get very hot and sometimes, even often with a dog that is taking a while to clip, will get very hot if in constant use. If this is the case, then the groomer should give the dog breaks, change clipper blades over, and spray them with a coolant spray. Waiting until the blades have cooled before continuing. I have heard of some groomers using wd40, on clipper blades on a dogs coat. This if penetrated into the dogs skin, could have dire consequences on the dogs health. AS if the groomer thinks that it will help them get through the heavy matted coat, is more likely the blades just need sharpening. The most common thing I hear from , where customers have taken their dogs elsewhere are clipper burn marks, scars.. which are also sometimes visable to me the dog's coat has been removed and it is bathed. Clipper burns or scars will look like a little line of dots or squares.. as if like teeth marks but in a straight line but smaller.
sarahfryer22 sarahfryer22 4 years
i have had a groomer injure my miniature yourkie. i took him to petsmart to get groomed and the next day i notices they cut part of his ear off! i will never go there again.
MuckyPups MuckyPups 4 years
I am a City and Guilds dog groomer with over 15yrs professional experience. Last week a lady booked in her dog.. She did not bring it herself but got a friend to instead. The dog was severely matted and the only kind option was to clip the coat short. I began clipping and immediately the dog bit me quite badly. As soon as I put my hand anywhere close to the dog, it would jump towards me to bite. I attempted to muzzle the dog but it was impossible to even hold the lead without the dog attacking me and so I took the decision that it would be dangerous and unfair to the dog to continue. I rang the owner's number and was told their dog wasn't at my shop, I had got the wrong number. 4 hours after the dog had been left, a different person arrived to collect the dog. I explained to them what happened, did not charge them and they left. The next morning the actual owner rang in a complete rage and after threatening legal action against me left this review on Google. Quality Poor to fair 'It was absolute b*****ks. This owner is a joke! I'm pretty sure she doesn't like her job as she is just lazy and left my dog looking like a nightmare. Poor thing is now looking horrible and I have to wait for his hair to grow out. She didn't even give him a bath and she uses expired consent forms. Poor customer service even though she is getting paid. NEVER USE THIS PLACE!'' This second review is from a lady who brought her puppy in for it's first groom at 9 months old. Again the dog was completely matted to the skin. The nails had overgrown to the point where if I'd cut them to a normal length, I would have cut through the blood vessels causing pain and bleeding. Her husband brought the dog and signed my mandatory 'clip off'' consent form. Here is the review: 'I had my shih tzu puppy in there just yesterday---my husband asked them to take off half of his hair (he had about 5-6 inches at that point, so he should have had 2 inches left at the very least)--instead they completely shaved him right when we're heading for winter and he looks horrible. Worst of all, they didn't even fully clip his nails as they're still clopping along which was the whole point of grooming anyway. Avoid at all costs' This is the sort of everyday complaint that gets made about me as a direct result of doing what I believe is in the dog's best interests. The puppy in the photo on this post looks quite old for a first groom. Puppies should visit a groomer soon after vaccinations are complete, I usually just bath, dry,and maybe scissor around eyes and sanitary areas. The first visit is more for getting the puppy accustomised to the process rather than to achieve proper grooming. I would be interested to know if this dog's coat was heavily matted? If so, these types of clipper burn and nicks can still occur however careful the groomer is. Had the owner herself introduced this puppy to any brushing or grooming? All too often, the first visit to the salon is made when the dog is nearly adult, when the coat is badly matted and beyond anything other than clipping off short and when the dog has previously had no experience of being groomed at all. I don't want to imply that this is the case with the dog in this post but I would like people to understand things from the groomer's point of view too.
drf0001 drf0001 4 years
I recently a few weeks back took my Pomeranian to the groomers and not only did she come back with nicks and cuts ,she has some type of vaginal infection.Has this happened with anyone else.I took her to the vet.she was on antibiotice a week,then ran out but she still is bothered with this.Been cleaning her and using bacterial creams.any suggestions at all??
msjay2u msjay2u 4 years
My dog has been groomed professionally since I got him and there is not problem with him, in fact I think he likes it as I also brush him and handle him at home. I did however have a terrible experience at Petsmart, which I see the name over and over in this thread. I took him to be groomed and when I picked him up I noticced his eye was red and swollen. They calimed it was nothing. days later he had to have his eye removed. Yeah and Petsmart is being really smug about the whole thing. I posted the story on my webpage I think it is a really sad story
amyh445 amyh445 4 years
I have been reading though all these comments and it just pains me to see so many problems with groomers and pets. I have groomed for 10 years now, I went to school for it and worked under 2 somewhat 'famous' groomers over the years. I am a member a National Group of Groomers who are pushing for standards and training guide lines to be set for all Groomers. For years now it's gotten no where. And dogs arn't all still or even happy to be groomed, but it i the owners duty to makesure that pups are ready for grooming by exposing them to it at a young age. Brush at home or just take them in for a trim up or bath at 1st. You can't just scare the crap out of a young dog by taking it dropping it off with strangers then expect perfection when you return. A groomer only see's your pet for a short amount of time every 4 to 6 weeks, we can only cover so much in that amount of time. But also a groomer should know when to fold them too, if it's too much on a pet just stop send the pup home and i you only got a bathing then only charge for the bath and keep your day incident free. ALSO pet owners need to ask for ref. for a groomer and what kind of training they have had if you don't see it framed and hanging on the wall. Google the groomer and the business. Look them up on the B.B.B. If a groomer gets upset with these questions then you need to consider going somewhere else right then and don't look back. I myself have started my own Mobile business in SC and I Love it! I have more time to spend with my pets and the owners are loving it too because they are at home and they get there babies back within 45 mins. So now everyone is happy. Don't just assume a groomer is a good groomer or even a groomer at all. Anyone can pick up clippers in most states (not all) and say' I am a Pet Groomer... ' We are all to blame for letting it go on this long, people need to know whats going on
Anony-Groomer Anony-Groomer 4 years
After reading most of the comments, I would like to respond as a Groomer. I am a highly sought after groomer with almost 30 years of experience. Unfortunately there are groomers out there with inadequate experience, or don't have the passion needed to maintain the care and love for the animals or what they do. But they are not all bad. It is inexcusable that some Groomers dont take responsibility for carelessness or shear accidents. It is possible to clipper burn a dog a couple of ways. One is by a blade that has gotten to hot, there is no excuse for this! Ever! But there is another way, let me explain it this way; if a man has a full beard and decided to shave it he can develop a rash after not shaving for a long time and so close. Also it will become itchy and irritated. If a dog hasn't had it tummy shaved for a while or it just has sensitive skin, a routine blade could cause a clipper burn. Sometimes I just don't know how a dog is going to react until I clip it. And usually a dog understandably will make it worse by licking the area. I always appreciate a phone call from the owner so I know next to use a longer blade and make a note in the chart. Brush burn happens when brushing an area repeatedly until it turns red and irritated. This avoidable and never acceptable. This can happen if a dog is matted and tangle. This is where it is important to have an experience groomer who knows how to dematt without brush-burning. This can be avoided also if the pet maintain in between to keep the mats down. Try to find a groomer who is well known in your community. I would try to avoid the franchise pet stores with grooming. I personally book up a month in advance and mostly maintain my clientele through word of mouth. Ask questions; do you do anal glands, pluck hair out of ears, shave pads, tummy and under tail or nails? These are normal hygiene things that should be done without you ever having to ask. If it is a shop with multiple groomers, request the same groomer every time. We like routine when we get our hair done and so do our pets. I do everything in the same order so the pet knows what to expect.
flossie4646 flossie4646 4 years
Yes i understand the frustration when a pet is injured in any way but what im going to say is i own a large pet boarding , daycare & Grooming facility and i find that some pets but not all act totally different in situations when they are not at home so say your pet is really laid back and sweet around you the pet could be the totally opposite around strangers ive seen it happen time and time again where the owners say my pet would never growl or bite anyone and thats the pet that will bite sometimes and its hard when a pet is being groomed when they wont sit still or the are trying to bite...please dont think im taken up for this groomer i do not know them at all im just saying unfortunately sometimes things like this happen even to the best of groomers...i do not groom dogs myself but ive seen how crazy some dogs act while being groomed and how some dogs act different than the owners say they act at home when they are here for grooming or boarding and its not always the groomers or person watching the dogs fault & some dogs just really hate being groomed and it will show in there actions a few days after they are groomed and it not be the groomers fault the dog just hated being groomed and a ton of people want to blame the groomers when its not really anyones fault the poor dog just doesnt like it ( i have a Havenees that stays mad at me a good week when my groomer grooms him i hate it but it has to be done or he would be matted and dirty all the time and im righ there and my groomer treats him great and he never gets used to it thats how bad he hates it so you see)..i hope this puppy didnt have a tramadic experience...This is just what i have seen a whole bunch of times & i hope noone took this the wrong way!!!!
Harley-Quinn Harley-Quinn 5 years
I would speak to the groomer. Those cuts do not look right. I interview a groomer before they come anywhere close to my dogs. For multiple reasons. I check reviews online about the shop as well. I have a long conversation with them. I bring my dogs in to meet them and if the first meeting goes well. Then I will scheduled some grooming. I don't leave them until I am comfortable with the groomer. Best of luck.
Daisy143 Daisy143 5 years
A groomer once injured my dog's neck quite severly. After a few X-rays at other vets it was proven what my dog already was telling me, HER NECK WAS BADLY INJURED. Platform, noose around a dog's neck, you figure it out. Groomer & vet tried to hide this from me and refused to say anything. My dog had to tell me in the car on the way home. That vet didn't offer to reimburse me for X-rays. Obviously we will never go to the vet/groomer again. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, pain for pain. Soon, the hillbilly groomer will be hurt the same way she hurt my dog. Nobody get's away with this, especially a hillbilly. She will learn all about pain - the hard way. Fight back, pet owners! When a moron mistreats and/or injures your pet, GET 'EM! Make them pay in ways they will never forget. Stick up for your pet! Or don't have one in the first place.
cindy810 cindy810 6 years
I have a 8 month old shitzu-maltese mix and he just had his first hair cut, he wont play now, lays in the bathroom and wont come out and just acting very strange.
missmydog missmydog 6 years
Saturday, Oct 23rd I took my female cocker spaniel just shy of being 2 years old to the groomer. When I picked her up at 5:30 that same day she was not the same happy loving dog I dropped off. She was exhausted and different mentally. When in the car she usually jumps in my lap and kisses me. Not on this day...she stayed in the back seat and was having a hard time getting comfortable. I got her home and she went in the back yard to her new bed I just bought. I woke her up when my husband came home so he could see her hair cut and she cowered and peed when he tried to pet her. I figured she was tired and I didn't understand the cowering and peeing behavior, but I walked her back outside and she laid back down and I checked on her when I went to bed and she was curled up with our older dog Tinkerbell. Tink had a bath that day no hair cut and was perfectly fine. The next morning (Sunday) at 7:30 am I went out to check and she was curled up in a corner of the patio shaking like she was coming off of anesthesia. I called her into the house and then cowered and pee'd again when I tried to pick her up to put her in the bed I made for her under the kitchen table. During the day I would take her out front to go potty and she seemed a little stiff in the back legs so I looked under her tail and she had swelling where she pees from and up past her vaginal area toward her tail. When I was examining she let me touch the area without any problem. By 5:30 that evening, she had lost all control of her legs and was dragging them behind her. The Vet said it was Spine Degeneration...I can't imagine it happening that fast with no warning just from Saturday - Sunday 24 hours and no cooperation from the Owner or Groomer. (another story) I had to put Freckles to Sleep Monday Morning. Her sense of deep pain was gone and she had no control over peeing or pooping. My family is devestated and I'm sure they injured her in some way but how do I prove it? If I do a Necropsy will that show what happened to her? I am really angry the way the Owner blew me off and had no interest in helping me when I went to her office crying and upset about my dog. When I first got there I was upset but calm asking questions. With the attitude I got from her I went off and I'm just sorry there weren't any customers dropping their animals off I can't let them get away with this kind of treatment. Dogs are our family and not to be throw away like yesterdays garbage. I see alot of complaints on the internet but no results...Any Ideas on how we can make these groomers accountable?! Enough is Enough!
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