It's that time again – a TeamSugar user needs our help with her three kitties, two of which (Chloe and Lucky) are shown above. All three adopted cats are around six years old and have made their home with hottpink and her husband for some time now. The whole fam is moving and she's uncertain how to get her car- and change-fearing cats used to the move and the new place. Please offer your advice after checking out her story when you


Our three cats HATE cars and they HATE moving – how can we make the move easier on them? Should we take them over to the new house once before we actually move in so they can smell and check everything out or, since they are also afraid of the car, should we not traumatize them with two extra car rides? I am just worried about my kitties and I want this to be easy on all of us! Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!