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You're a good dog, Charlie Brown . . . but, unfortunately, you're also a stinky one! TeamSugar user Megbucks3 needs some help with this pooch. She writes:

This weekend we are driving from Atlanta to Columbus with our 10-month-old Cocker Spaniel. It's about a 10-hour drive – we're not leaving until after work, so during the day I am taking Charlie to Doggie Day Camp to hopefully exhaust him. The Doggie Day Camp offers grooming and I really wanted to have him get a bath so he smells good in the car, but then he would lose three hours of playtime.

I am picking up Charlie on my way out of town and won't have time to take him home to bathe him and I'm worried he'll be stinky after camp even if I bathe him the night before. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions of products that give instant baths, or if any instant-spray cologne works? I think on this trip an exhausted dog is better than a fruity smelling dog!

Now North has these cleansing cloths for his muddy paws but he doesn't tend to get that stinky – can any of you recommend products or tips for this situation?

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