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Whether it's double trouble or two times the fun, two pups definitely provide twice the tangles when being walked together. I'm a fan of tandem leashes (like this one) in theory, but I've never had to hook North up with another furry friend.

Community Member Kelli Ann asks:

This is our second dog and we want to try out a dual leash. The pups are about 25 lbs each and are both good on a leash. Any insight/tips/recommendations would be much appreciated because two separate leashes can be a little tricky!

All of you multiple pet owners or generous dog walkers share any advice to not get your dogs' signals, and your leashes, crossed. (And, as always, feel free to private message me or post questions in our Pet Peeves group and we'll help you out ASAP.)

Renees3 Renees3 7 years
i've used a coupler/splitter thing and they're awesome. I've used it on two different sized dogs and i just made the taller dogs a bit shorter it still worked great. The dogs had no problems, didn't get tangle, just walked normal!
SarahElaine SarahElaine 7 years
Avoid stairs at all costs! And, make sure your dogs are really receptive to verbal commands, so that one doesn't go off running and drag the other along. ...I've had negative splitter experiences with my little dogs. It works well when I take the girls on a walk and can get them to concentrate, but it is horrible for potty trips.
whippeteer whippeteer 7 years
4 dogs, 2 couplers and 2 leashes are much easier than 4 leashes. Even still, it takes practice when getting started.
whippeteer whippeteer 7 years
I've been through it all. I often use a coupler when walking 2 dogs together. I find a shorter one to be handy. A short one keeps the dogs from spinning away from each other and turning into a push-me pull-you. I've also walked multiple dogs on several leashes. I have several that I can hold comfortably together in one hand and untangle them often. I've found that after a mile comes the untangling and then they remain "fairly" well behaved for the next couple of miles.
ladyr ladyr 7 years
Leash splitters are great! As long as the dogs are of similar height, it will work. There are different lengths, though, so I would say choose the length based on how you walk your dogs (do you give them a lot of freedom, keep them at your side, etc.). When I walk my little dog, my big dog, and my mom's big dog all together (or just the two big boys together) I use a shorter leash splitter because I want both big dogs walking right next to each other at my side. Tangled leashes are a mess and can even be dangerous, so just having one leash in hand makes walking a lot more enjoyable.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I used one of those splitter things. I got it at petsmart. You clip on leash to the center and it then has two smaller 2-3' leashes that clip to each dog's collar. This way the dogs can still move around each other or one can stop to sniff something but you don't have to worry about leashes getting tangled.
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