Now, all snuggled up with her toys, Roxy looks so sweet and innocent, no? However, kimdangirl tells us that it's not when she's being still when the problem comes – each time this pooch sees an open door or gate, she takes off. See the full story and then please offer any tips or advice in your comments below when you


By the time I can get to Roxy, she's already all the way down the street and when I call her she refuses to come back (that's a problem that needs to be solved another day). Then, when I go after her, she thinks it's a game and takes off farther down the street. The only way I've been able to get to her is if I pick her up in my car. It's gotten to the point where my parents (who were dogsitting) found her wandering around on a major street. I don't know what I should do to help this situation. I've looked at electronic fences but they're soooo expensive. Help!