Thanks so much for helping out – and sharing stories – about those lonely puppies (and kitties). Next up, do you think we can work together to help rushka313 with her aptly-named pooch, Bella? Seems this pretty lass is very scratchy – see the details and share your advice when you


I have a 3.5-year-old American Cocker Spaniel. Because I live in Arizona, I keep her coat short in more of a "puppy-cut." She is constantly scratching . . . to the point that she has made her skin raw! Typically she is scratching the back of her front legs, her neck/ear area, and then she "bites/chews" her leg area. She doesn't have fleas, and I've bathed her in both an oatmeal bath (for dogs) and a sensitive skin shampoo. I have her on Science Diet's Sensitive Skin formula food, and give her an Omega-3 fatty acid vitamin daily. It has slightly subsided, but she is still scratching quite a bit. The vet's recommendation is steroids, but I am really not comfortable with putting my little pup on them. Has anyone else had similar problems? It's just breaking my heart to see my little princess with raw skin – any suggestions?