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I Need Your Help . . . Potty Time on Cross Country Cat Drives?

Most kitties are not lining up to take a car ride like the cutely curious cat pictured. Leaving the house way less frequently than canine counterparts, home is definitely where their hearts stay.Relocating with a pet that hates cars is not easy but I've never stopped to consider the litter problem for trips including several days of driving. When advising about what to do with pets and movers on Thursday, I spotted this bathroom break question in the comments — peep it when you


TeamSugar user Jabbadoo says:

I'm moving cross country by driving my car out over three or four days. I'm concerned about the logistics with two cats — they yowl like I'm torturing them on the way to the vet one mile away so how will they do for hours in a car? Yes, they have a big crate but do I put the litter box in there, too? It's not like a dog where I can pull over at a rest stop and let them out to run around a little so if anyone has any tips on this, please let me know!

Since I've never driven long distances with a feline friend, I'd love to hear your suggestions or solutions to the all-important potty problem in the comments below.


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fuzzles fuzzles 8 years
As one poster mentioned, it really does depend on the cat. On a cross-country move to Boston, one of my Himis would yowl like a banshee if she couldn't ride on my lap. I even gave her a tranquilizer from her vet, but that just served to create a very stoned, still shrieking Satanic lump of blue-eyed fur. Out of desperation, I let her ride part of the way on my lap. But I certainly wouldn't recommend this! My other Himi, unlike the previously mentioned demon spawn, was a champ in the car on that trip. Not so much as a peep. On the whole, it worked well to keep them in their carriers, stopping every few hours to let them out of for potty breaks in the litter pan. Bring along some small zippy bags for the after pan party! And, of course, if it is anywhere near warm weather-wise, leave the car running with the AC on. Good luck!
andreatowle andreatowle 8 years
after taking a myriad of cross-country trips with my cat, i think potty time all depends on the individual cat. my 3 year-old female cat does fine roaming freely around the car with a covered litter box on the back seat floor though she appears to prefer waiting till i've stopped somewhere for the night. i generally use a small tupperware container with a minimal amount of litter inside of her large cage though. limiting your cat's diet prior to being on the road helps. don't give your cat a full meal right before leaving but be sure to have plenty of water before, during, and after the trip. when in doubt, ask your vet!
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 8 years
i moved across country with my cat. i had a small travel litter box that i put on the bottom of the backseat. I varied between letting her roam around the cab of the car to leaving her in her crate. she seemed happier out of the crate and just slept on the floor of the car. you can also give your cat a light sedative to help keep him/her calm. there are some natural ones you can buy at the pet store.
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
Thanks so much Pet! I'm just dreading trying to move them.. but i'd never leave them behind!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
My original comment to her question: First, it's really unsafe to drive with your animal unsecured in a moving vehicle. (Trust me, I almost had an accident once because of my cat.) Don't consider letting your cats roam. Second, I would talk with your vet and see what they suggest. Maybe they can at least tell you how often you need to stop to let your cat use a litter box. PS - The cat in the pic is too cute!
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