Most kitties are not lining up to take a car ride like the cutely curious cat pictured. Leaving the house way less frequently than canine counterparts, home is definitely where their hearts stay.Relocating with a pet that hates cars is not easy but I've never stopped to consider the litter problem for trips including several days of driving. When advising about what to do with pets and movers on Thursday, I spotted this bathroom break question in the comments — peep it when you


TeamSugar user Jabbadoo says:

I'm moving cross country by driving my car out over three or four days. I'm concerned about the logistics with two cats — they yowl like I'm torturing them on the way to the vet one mile away so how will they do for hours in a car? Yes, they have a big crate but do I put the litter box in there, too? It's not like a dog where I can pull over at a rest stop and let them out to run around a little so if anyone has any tips on this, please let me know!

Since I've never driven long distances with a feline friend, I'd love to hear your suggestions or solutions to the all-important potty problem in the comments below.