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I Need Your Help . . . Share Tips For At-Home Coat Clipping!

Temps are heating up and for long-haired pups, Summer means time for a new 'do. For long-haired breeds, shedding is year-round battle, and frequent baths and trims can help the problem . . . but costs add up. TeamSugar user Lynne writes in about her Golden Retriever:

Since I'm not an expert, can you provide any insight and tips on the best products, methods, and stylings to accomplish reducing his fur coat during the Summer? I already have a Furminator, but that takes a lot of time and I don't want to irritate his (pale) skin with too many strokes. I'm hoping I can use the clippers with a 1-2 inch guard but would like some further advice.

Several companies make at-home trimmer kits with DVDs, but I've never used any on my short-haired pup. Can anyone offer up some tips or product suggestions to help Lynne and Sonny out?

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danizzle danizzle 7 years
i have a beautiful puggle/schnoodle named honey and i keep her coat puppy-shaved year round. i bought a pair of mens beard clippers from walmart ($22) and they work PERFECT! this is only a good tip for people who have small dogs (honey is 25 pounds) but you can literally put whatever attachemnt you want ( i use a mens 2...1/4inch i think it is) and shave away.. she only feels a slight buzzing and doesnt even flinch.
Nnementh Nnementh 7 years
Clippercide is the name of the cooling spray, thats what we use anyway...or have an extra blade so you can switch off when it gets too hot. Also a grooming-arm would be good to have so that your not having to crouch down on the floor or chase your dog around the house.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
Just wanted to add that when you use clippers they get really really hot and can burn your pooch! There is this cooling spray that you can buy for your clippers and all you do is spray it on the blade every now and then, not sure of the name of it but you could get it at petsmart etc. Also be aware of the thin skin under their belly at the top of their legs you can cut it if you are not careful! I have also heard from my groomer that some dogs hair won't grow back after you shave. I'm not sure about golden retrievers though. :)
noxcatt noxcatt 7 years
I work at petco, and its sad to hear that you guys have had bad experiences with groomers but if you go into any petco, an associate or one of the groomers should be able to help you find the exact blades and combs for your needs. Definately ask them about which clippers are better than others. Dont fall for the lower price ones, they do die after a couple uses. Another thing as far as helping the skin, try not to bathe the dogs too frequently because that dries out the coat and skin. Another great thing to use to help prevent dry skin and coat is salmon oil in the food or dog food that has fish in it. Dont be afraid to go into a petco grooming salon and ask for tips they shouldnt mind!
telane telane 7 years
I have a Golden, too, and I would love some tips and ideas!!!
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