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Look at this lil face – can you imagine something so adorable could be so stinky?! When I spotted 7kimba7's blog about her smelly pup, Scout, I couldn't resist trying another team effort here! Read through her story which I've summarized below, and then share any tips or experiences in your comments!

"I have a Shih Tzu/poodle mix – his hair is getting long and he's starting to smell. It's not that I expect him to walk around smelling like peaches and roses, but he smells pretty soon after he gets a bath (not like poo, but very dirty dog). I have been giving him baths every Friday, I brush his hair everyday so it doesn't mat, and I find it odd that he smells so bad three days after his bath. I've even tried those "freshen-up" wipes, but nothing works.

Can anyone recommend anything to keep him non-stinky for at least a week? Or perhaps having shorter hair will help? Any tips for grooming in general would be appreciated . . . I am new with the doggy thing and I'm trying to be a good mommy. And again, I know that dogs smell; his scent is excessive. I guess I'm afraid that you guys will say 'dogs smell, get over it!'"

To read my advice, and share your own,


First up, try to isolate the smell. For example, extra stinky ears can be a sign of excessive wax or an infection, smelly breath can come from bad oral hygiene, or smelly fur and skin can (unfortunately) be more common with some breeds. Pups with oily skin can have extra oils in their coats that can become rancid and stink or cause (even more smelly) skin conditions. Also, some pups are more prone to bacterial skin diseases – I'd say make sure you are using a good anti-bacterial shampoo, and ask a vet or knowledgeable shop owner/groomer for suggestions. Lastly, smelly fur and skin can not only come from weak shampoo, but also from a pooch's diet. I couldn't help but recall Bella's smelly cat problem, and all of the food suggestions – do any of you have remedies, supplements, or grooming suggestions to combat the stink?

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