Pups can get mighty bored – and mischievous – when left to their own devices so many dog owners (myself included!) offer up the occasional frozen Kong to occupy furry friends. While in moderation, this isn't a problem, what happens when this turns into a routine and pets become, well, pudgy?!

That's the question posed by TeamSugar member lilegwene who writes:

I feel pretty guilty when I leave my dogs home alone for an extended period of time (anything over a quick trip to the store!) and generally give them Kongs and bones to chew on while I'm away. They're getting a little pudgy around the middle, and I was wondering if there are any other activities that you can suggest to keep them busy that aren't food oriented . . . and they're not interested in non-edible chew toys, balls, or squeaky toys unless someone is around to throw them!

Can we put our heads together and come up with some snack-free solutions?