Thanks so much for helping out – and sharing stories – about problems we pet owners face! Next up, there's the subject of having baby kiddies and baby animals in your fam. MotoLinz has a question about this very issue . . . and, once again, let's brainstorm together and help her out. To learn what it is,


When our son was born, we had two dogs, but they were old, old, old and both passed away in the past year. He "met" them both, but they mostly lived outside, and he didn't interact with them much. We'd like to get another dog at some point, and I'm wondering what everyone thinks as far as how old the little man should be before we introduce "his dog." He's almost 15 months, now.

We're looking for a different house, so I'd definitely like to wait until we move, but I was thinking 2- to 3-years-old for the little guy? I don't expect him to clean up after the dog, feed it, wash it, walk it, and all of that – I just want him to be cognizant and understand how to treat the pet. Any advice?