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Indoor Games For Dogs

Game Time! Great Indoor Games For Your Dog

Being cooped up in the winter is no fun. Especially when you're a dog. Boredom can lead to anxiety, chewing, and possibly gastrointestinal issues. Playing games with your pet is a fun and inexpensive way to bond with your furry friend. The only real expense is some treats!

Games don't have to be super involved, just something to keep you both occupied when you can't get outside for some exercise. Hopefully these suggestions will give you a good laugh and leave your pup happily exhausted.

  • Simon Says – Who says obedience training needs to be a chore? Teaching your dog to sit, stay, down, drop, and come are engaging activities for your dog. Challenge him even further by turning your back while you give your commands.
  • For two more suggestions,


  • Treasure Hunt – Have your dog stay in a "down" position while you place a treat a few feet away within sight. Return and release him. Next time, try putting the treat further away until you are hiding treats in different parts of your home. If he gets stuck, give him hints by guiding him in the right direction and praising when he gets close. If all else fails, at least he'll be preoccupied sniffing around for those treats!
  • Hide and Seek – Start with having your dog sit and stay. Stand a few feet away while you call her. Next time move farther and farther away until you are hiding behind doors and chairs. This may be challenging, especially if she isn't trained to stay!


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angie0705 angie0705 9 years
Hey Zero Cool- are you on BDP, too? I'm ButchsMa on there. Isn't this site great, too?!
glitterandgold glitterandgold 9 years
we just play fetch indoors since he's such a small dog. he LOVES it! and now he plays by himself by throwing the ball with his own mouth and running to catch it over and over!
Zero_Cool Zero_Cool 9 years
A laser light. It's an absolute necessity in my house in the winter!!! My dog goes absolutely insane!
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