Another heartwarming tale to come out of England as a pup once paralyzed and in pain received a new lease on life! Enzo the German Shepherd had two herniated discs in his spine and doctors advised owner Chris Evans to give up hope that his doggy would survive or walk again. As a dedicated pet owner, Evans wouldn't take no for an answer and found his pooch a revolutionary operation costing £5,000 (almost twice that in US dollars); the 9-year-old dog had two bolts inserted in the middle of his spine to fuse two vertebrae.

Although the pup still can't support himself on his back legs on land, he's now able to use them during hydrotherapy in the pool. The advanced procedure relieved pressure on the spinal cord and sciatic nerve and, as long as the damage to the cord isn't permanent, vets are optimistic that the pooch will one day get a new leash on life and walk again.