Jessica Biel was having a blast at Lotus on Thursday. We don't often hear crazy stories about this girl getting wild at the clubs but maybe she's got it in her. This time the wildness lead to a crazy girlie kiss. The Gatecrasher reports:

One partygoer tells us she got carried away enough to plant a big old smooch on an attractive female companion.

Despite the vehement insistence of our source, Biel's publicist, who was with her in the club, denies such a lip lock took place.

Biel's party enjoyed Grey Goose and soda, and the club sent over a round of complimentary watermelon shots around 2:30 a.m. (And sadly, yes, you do have to be Jessica Biel to look good downing a complimentary watermelon shot.)

Lots more pics of the very toned Jessica and her friend walking their dogs so