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Jumpstart Your Day with a Morning Workout

Working out offers a rich supply of oxygen to wake up your body, leaving you energized and boosted throughout the day.

Set an early alarm and add a 20-minute low-intensity workout like an at-home yoga and stretching session. Or treat the dog to an extra-long walk, swap a bus ride with a brisk stroll, or take a lengthier route to grab a morning tea before work.

Build up to a higher intensity activity like a free weight or machine workout, or trail or road running, each morning for the same period.


Now find a short-burst workout that increases endurance by incorporating high and low intensity. An interval session elevates your metabolism for the rest of the day and helps burn two to three times the calories you'd burn if simply maintaining a lower-intensity exercise for the whole 20 minutes.

Using the 1-to-10 exertion scale, get started with “sprints” on a bike, treadmill, elliptical or even when running outdoors with the following steps:

1. Warm up for two to three minutes.
2. Start your first 30-second interval. Speed up significantly (or increase incline 3 to 6 percent and speed up enough to feel like you are working hard) to about an 8.
3. Recover at a casual pace for two minutes.
4. Repeat the “sprint” for a total of eight intervals, trying to work up your exertion to a 10 on the final ones, with the same recovery in between each time.
5. End with a two to three minute cool down.

Exercise also boosts cell renewal. Remove built-up dead skin and toxins and hit the shower with your favorite St. Ives body wash -- you deserve it! Then share your favorite workout ideas with us as part of the challenge.

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