I hate even thinking about animals being mistreated, and definitely couldn't just stand by and watch it. The American Humane Association offers some tips on what to do if you witness abuse or neglect.

  • First off, you'll want to evaluate the situation. While seeing abuse is usually more clear-cut, try to take a step back when you think you've spotted neglect. It can start with witnessing dogs illegally tethered, but also things like ratty coats and visible ribs can be signs of a bigger problem.
  • Find out what to do next when you


  • If you've witnessed animal mistreatment, it's always good to get another opinion from the proper authorities. Don't be afraid to report it to your local animal control department, police department, or humane society.
  • Be aware of what animal cruelty legislation exists in your area and know what definitions and penalties are in place. Make sure to also support any initiatives to strengthen your state's anti-cruelty laws.

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