Yes, I'll admit it. I was a sucker for Laguna Beach last season. Who couldn't get enough of Kristin, LC and Stephen or Jessica and Jason? It was so bad it was good. Laguna Beach kicked off season 3 last night. So far, I am not sucked in. The fact that Jessica is even still on the show makes her look pathetic - let's forget the fact that she is dating junior Cameron and even he is too embarrassed to admit it. As for the rest of the gang, no one is as cute as LC or bitchy hot as Kristin. Does that mean I will stop watching, probably not, but will I make it to the season finale - jury is still out on that one.

As for Laguna's biggest star, Kristin Cavallari looks like she is replacing Brody with a typical Hollywood accessory pup. I think she'll be back with Brody once he gets some press off of hanging with Nicole Richie. I wonder what happens to the little pooch then. More pics of Kristin and her cute new pup so