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Caplin Rous Is Adorably Ginormous and Photogenic, Too!

Feb 22 2010 - 6:00am

I've heard of some pretty odd pets, but a capybara?! That's a new one. Meet Caplin Rous, beloved — and big! — house pet. Check out a day in the life of the largest pet rodent in the world when you start clicking!

It's a Capybara

This species, native to South America [1] is the world's biggest living rodent.


Except this one lives as a pet in Buda, Texas!


In fact, he walks on a huge harness. Just like a huge dog.

Kiddie Like

And plays on slides just like a kid!

Is This a Snack?

Sometimes he roams free in the yard to sniff about.

Ahh, Just Right

Other times, he takes a dip in the pool.

The Camera's the Other Way

His owner, Melanie Typaldos, likes to join him, too.

Going Under

Ready to race?

Water Baby

Whee, look at him go!

Capybara 2.0

In his (indoor) free time, he tweets [2] and updates his Facebook fan page [3].

Once Upon a Time

He also enjoys reading pretending to read.

Fan Home Base

He's so popular on YouTube [4], too, that he sometimes takes shelter from it all.

Say Cheese

Don't worry, he always has time for a photo with Melanie, though.

OK, No One Talk During Lost

He's a great conversation starter with company — the 100-pound pet snuggles up on an available lap.

Treat Time

When it's reward time, popsicles are number one!

More Treat Time

Nom nom nom.

Kissy Face

Thanks for the snacks!

Rest Up For Tomorrow


Snoozy Baby

Night, y'all.

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