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Will You Get Online With Cesar Millan?

Not only does Cesar Millan help train Oprah to be the pack leader of her pampered pups (including helping beloved Sophie socialize with other dogs before she passed away), but he can help train you to do the same . . . online!

Cesar's new interactive training course is hitting his website in June to help you get calm and assertive with your pets, but you can sign up now for email alerts to get a head's up before it hits the web. I've watched almost every episode of the hit National Geographic show, so this course is a welcome distraction for me while I patiently wait until I can get in on one of his super popular seminars. I've personally seen the results with his methods since an old roomie of mine used them since day one with her puppy, but I know they aren't for everyone. Will you take Cesar's online training course?


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roanee roanee 8 years
I am a fan of Ceasar Milans and admire the work that he does for so many dogs and people.When I work with other peoples' horses I have to show that person how to work withe the horse otherwise I have done injustice to both the animal and the owner. Horses require a dominant person too, Otherwise they will run over the top of you causing injury in many ways. Just like horses, dogs need rules, boundries and consequenses. Like one of the other posters wrote, kids are the same. Most of the comments that I have read on this site are written by reasonable people. We will always have those that have no concept of reason or common sense."Bleeding hearts" as 'mypack' put it so succinctly. I agree with you and the 'vetmom'. I worked for a vet for several years and yes, most of animals problems come their human. Thanks for listening. Keep up the good vibes for CM!
LaVerne-Burns LaVerne-Burns 8 years
I am sorry so many people are putting Cesar down. I watch his show very faithfully and use the techniques that I see on his show. My little 5 year old Chihuahua was a barker, love to ankle bite when someone turned their back on her and would tear up paper if I left her alone. I'm still working on the barking part, but she has stopped biting ankles and tearing up paper. She has toys that keep her occupied now and a room=mate. Another chihuahua that is a tea-cup and she takes care of her. Mine is younger than the tea-cup one, so she gives her (Short Stuff) her bath and cleans her ears. Keep up the great work Cesar, your faithfully follower in Ohio.
cmill38 cmill38 8 years
I totally believe that discipline leads to structure. If your dog is running around wild he's missing something and both of your lives will be more enjoyable with structure. Like KDwxgirl, I too used a pinch collar with my lab when we would run. I'd rather use that then let her nearly choke herself with her regular collar. It didn't take long using it for her to realize she was supposed to run with me and not drag me along behind her. Using this method makes running better for both of us. She's able to breath so she can go longer and I don't have to worry about the dog running from my side into the traffic or jumping onto other runners.
sajajo sajajo 8 years
Since I have started using Caesar's methods my dog behaves much better and is much happier. I have never seen or heard (before now) of Caesar "Running dogs on treadmills until they die from heat exhaustion." I have actually heard him say that a dog should never be left unattended on a treadmill. He also has said that choke chains and pinch collars should be used with care so as not to harm the animal. I also think of my animals as my babies, but I think it's possible to love them like this and still realize that they are still "animals".
mypack mypack 8 years
Cesar Millan is doing more good for these animals, their families, their neighbors, and anyone else they happen to come into contact with than you bleeding heart pansies will ever do! If you do not give a child OR an animal discipline then they WILL run all over you and behave terribly. I wish there was a Cesar for people's kids too!!! Cesar keep it up buddy because SOME people know you are doing good things. Just in case anyone cares, I am an 85 pound woman who has an 8 year old daughter, a dog weighing in at 125 pounds, and a dog who is only 5 pounds. YES I GIVE THEM DISCIPLINE!!! If I didn't do you think they would let me be the boss of the house?? HELL NO! I do not abuse my family but I do not let them abuse me either. People stop me all the time to ask how I get them to behave so well. All you need is to start doing the hard work. It is not easy to be in control of 2 dogs a child and still watch traffic, unless of course you are CLEARLY the boss. This is not abuse, it is called "tough love" and some people could use a good dose of it.
clarech clarech 8 years
How on earch has Cesar been cruel/punnished etc dogs? Some of the dogs he sees are about to be euthanised by their owners if they are not behaving without agression. I have watched so many eppisodes and I really cannot believe that anyone can think that any of his methods are cruel...I am amazed that someone who is doing what he is doing with his life and the work that he does is criticized in this way. Then again, yes I can believe it, he has made a total success of his methods and beliefs and helped many many people and dogs. And some people just don't like that.
vetmom vetmom 9 years
Sorry for the double post. I am usually a lurker but felt moved by this column to register and therefore am new to it. Anyway, I forgot to say that this quote, from upthread, is absolutely true and very well stated: 1. Don't let your dog run the house, you are the pack leader. There's nothing wrong with that. Cesar big on discipline - that doesn't mean "punishment", that means "structure." Like kids, dogs need routines and rules. Living without rules leads to chaos, which makes any pack member anxious and uncomfortable, which leads to problem behaviors. Let your dog know what you expect of it, help him to understand and follow the rules you've set up. I don't know of any dog trainer that would disagree with that. 2. Tend to your dog's basic needs - like exercise (so many people think that just 'letting the dog out back' is enough - for most dogs, thats not even close!).
vetmom vetmom 9 years
As a veterinarian, I would argue that Cesar DOES use positive reinforcement - all the time. The dogs he works with are rewarded with what they want (swimming, walking, playing, affection, whatever) once they do as Cesar wants. This is the definition of positive reinforcement. I would also argue that his behavior modification technique (the 'touch') is not abusive in any way. He isn't striking or kicking or beating the dogs - he is giving a sharp reminder that may startle them but does not hurt them. While many of us love our dogs like they were our children, it is important to remember that they are not human. You don't have to worry about hurting their feelings - you need to supply them with the boundaries they crave. On Cesar's show as well as in our own practice, we find that almost all 'dog problems' are actually owner problems, and it is the human's behavior that needs to be modified. (Much like bratty kids - the root of their bad behavior is often the parent!) I don't know Cesar Millan but I do know that he stands AGAINST abuse and in fact rescues many abused dogs. You don't have to agree with his techniques, but in my opinion it is offensive to call such a man 'abusive'.
Murr41 Murr41 9 years
I feel Cesar has saved the lives of many of the German Wirehaired Pointers we rescue. Being a little known breed, and rare here outside hunting circles, we have found Cesar's Way to be the most effective method in rehabilitating our breed. Our dogs come in from high kill shelters most times, and suffer from some very deep issues. This breed is one of the most abused breeds I have ever worked with in rescue. They are highly intelligent, sensitive, and need the exercise, discipline (mental obedience stimulation), and then affection. Being a pack Leader is exactly what they need to be secure. I have seen it time and time again, as this breed will take over when allowed. They are bred to be sharp, not to be confused with the German Shorthaired Pointer as they are different breeds, and not for first time dog owners. I can't say enough about the way our dogs are rehabilitated using Cesar's Methodology. In most instances, we are their last hope.
katy-gurl katy-gurl 9 years
If you have ever owned a tempermental dog that You could not handle You would understand what you have to do!! just because it looks crule doesent mean it is. most the time the dog is doing it to its self thats how they learn!! cesar knows what he is doing and he is saving alot of dogs lives by doing it, he not only helps the dogs he also helps the families to understand what the dog is going through I deeply respect and value what he is doin for the world! so... THANK YOU CESAR FOR HELPING US!!
Trinistoy Trinistoy 9 years
I agree with sutterbabe. I love to watch his shows and I have learned a lot about my pets. I have tried some of his tecniques and they work. I don't see where people are saying that he is aggresive or even abusive. This man has a gift!!! And for the person that says that on his show they are "Running dogs on treadmills until they die from heat exhaustion." I have never seen that on this show. I was in shock when I first read these comments. I thought everyone loved Cesar... My only complaint is that I want to see new shows instead of reruns.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I'm not a fan of his at all. I think he's too agressive.
sexylibrarian sexylibrarian 9 years
Call me crazy but I thought Cesar was positive. Not sure it I would consider his methods abusive either. I am really shocked to hear these comments about Cesar. I have used a few of his methods with my dogs and they have worked wonders. My GSD has stopped barking at the TV because of one of Cesar's methods. I would not consider the method abusive at all. Like him or not he is trying to educate people on responsible pet ownership, a cause we all should get behind.
star520 star520 9 years
Thank you, sugar_doll. The only way to properly train any animal is using positive reinforcement. Milan is terrifying. His methods may work for HIM, but the average dog owner has no clue how to train their dog even the simplest of commands. I do not see dogs as 'furry people', but I do know that they have the same brain capacity as a two-year old child and need to be treated as such. OH, and for those of you who are uncomfortable with pinch collars, you could try a Halti/Gentle Leader. It works wonders with my Dane, and I'm a total weakling.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
I agree with shutterbabe on all points. I can't stand when people refuse to discipline their dogs. And then when the dog misbehaves badly or does something serious like attack another dog or a human, they come up with lame excuses. My friend and I were walking our dogs on a trail and a guy had his pitt bull roaming on a very long, loose leash. The dog started attacking my friend's much smaller dog and the owner kept saying "He's only playing" as we were screaming. We had to call the police.
sugar_doll sugar_doll 9 years
The techniques Cesar use can have serious behavioral consequences. His methods are based on flooding and punishment. The results, though immediate, will be only transitory. His methods are misguided, outmoded, dangerous, and inhumane. Here in Norway several leading dog behaviorists and trainers are trying to get that show off the air, thank god. You have to see that the program may lead children to engage in unsafe behaviors and the "normal pet owner" to to horrible things. I can see that, for example, American Humane did send out a press release re Millian, I have been competing in obedience for years and have a large number of dogs and I think that Millian is 30 years back in time with his cruel methods. charlotte (pawprint)
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 9 years
KECinNYC - don't feel bad about your situation. Cesar also says you need to pay attention to the specific needs of the breed (in his second book) - Frenchies simply don't NEED that much excercise. They were breed as companion dogs, they don't have the drive to run and move as much as other breeds do. Especially in NYC in the summer, it is too hot to go out anyway. I think a common problem with the Cesar haters is that they don't understand the purpose of his methods. He does not universally recommend all his methods for all owners and dogs. Most of what you see on the show are dogs that are past the point of paying attention to positive reinforcement. Treats are great, praise is great, but when the dog is unable to take notice of either, they are not effective training tools. Like most things in life, you need to look at the overall message. The main ideas I take away from Cesar are: 1. Don't let your dog run the house, you are the pack leader. There's nothing wrong with that. Cesar big on discipline - that doesn't mean "punishment", that means "structure." Like kids, dogs need routines and rules. Living without rules leads to chaos, which makes any pack member anxious and uncomfortable, which leads to problem behaviors. Let your dog know what you expect of it, help him to understand and follow the rules you've set up. I don't know of any dog trainer that would disagree with that. 2. Tend to your dog's basic needs - like exercise (so many people think that just 'letting the dog out back' is enough - for most dogs, thats not even close!). Sorry for the novel, I'm obviously a fan of CM. I just don't see how people can disagree with him so much when it's clear that he's saved so many dogs. Or when they haven't taken the time to read his book or understand his methods. I know there was a problem with one of the workers at his compound and a dog died because of it- I'm not discounting that, but that was clearly not how Cesar intended for anyone at his Dog Psychology Center to operate.
KECinNYC KECinNYC 9 years
I got his book and it made me feel guilty. I'd love to not have to work and go for long walks with my Frenchie instead, but that's not reality. Thinking that she's home waiting for me makes me sad, when in reality I got this breed because they sleep all day!
ChihuahuaLuv ChihuahuaLuv 9 years
"Running dogs on treadmills until they die from heat exhaustion." <-- Just not true. From Wikipedia: "National Geographic Channel released a statement that Millan was not present at the facility at the time of the alleged incident. Millan has also claimed that Suarez's personal dog trainer was with the dog, Gator, while it was at the Dog Psychology Center and that he did not charge Suarez or Suarez' dog trainer for use of the Dog Psychology Center facilities. Millan had allowed Suarez' trainer to bring Gator to the center as a favor. A hearing to discuss the suit was cancelled, since a settlement (the terms of which were not made public) was reached on March 29, 2007." And the dog didn't die or experience heat exhaustion.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
I love Cesar's methods. I can't wait.
wren1 wren1 9 years
I'm not that familiar with him, but I'd check it out.
kristyrk kristyrk 9 years
I love Cesar, and think that he's right on the money! I 100% agree that dogs are pack animals and believing that dogs think or feel like us is harmful to your dog. Once we changed our thought process with Lucy, we were all happier. Exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order) is what she needed. I do agree with some of you that positive reinforcement works with some things (like Samson's potty training), but I'll be first in line for his online courses to use in other areas!
sugar_doll sugar_doll 9 years
I think it's very sad that "ordinary" people look at his show and try the techniques (punishment) at home. This will do more wrong than good, that´s for sure, when people start choking their pets. Cecar Millian is not fixing the real problem in the dogs he "helps". Not at all. It is a fact that positive reinforcement is the best way to go and is the most ethical right as well.
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