London Zoo Welcomes First Lion Cubs in 10 Years!

Let's call these cubs Cute One and Cute Two — the 10-week-old babes were the first of their species born at the London Zoo in 10 years!

The girl and boy lions were born to Abi, a 10-year-old lioness, and Lucifer, a 6-year-old male, and are critically endangered Asian lions. Even though nearly all non-captive lions live in sub-Saharan Africa, there's one small population — probably between 200 and 300 — in India's Gir Forest. So, with such a tiny wild population, every birth is a bundle of species-saving joy!

See more pictures of the cub cuteness when you


Image Source: Getty
this reminds me of lion king (:
I love the pics. I feel so lucky because I got to visit a private zoo in NC that happened to have both 7 week old african lion cubs and 8 week old white tiger cubs at the same time. The owner brought out one cub of each and I actually got to pet them. It was such an amazing experience to see these animals up close and so helpless. I love hearing of successful breeding programs that keep a species fighting for survival.
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