Love Is in the Air! Knut the Cute Gets a Mate

All we need is love, love as Knut the cute is getting his very own girlfriend. Check out this stunning 2-year-old polar bear, Gianna. Originally from Italy, she's currently in a zoo in Munich but will be joining Knut soon!

The famous orphaned cub lost his human BFF after suffering rejection from his beary parent, and rumors have it the big bear is now lonely and possibly depressed. Sad. Hopefully his new signorina can keep him company, frolic and play, and pose for (many, many, many) piccys. I'm already hearing the pitter patter of little bear feet — that's amore!

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Image Source: Getty
I can't wait for photos of them together. I remember watching a special on Knut - adorable!
I'm pretty excited for photos of these two hugging. Praying it happens.
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