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My Heart Melts at This Snow Dog Creation

Jan 18 2010 - 6:00am

I can't say enough great things about Planet Dog [1] — not only does it have adorably awesome pet gear, it has a whole foundation [2] to help working dogs, too. What's more, company staffers shared this crafty canine creation on their Facebook fan page [3] and, while we're short on the white stuff in most of CA, next time I make it up to Tahoe, I'm ready to re-create it. Get inspired and get started on this slideshow now.

Source: Planet Dog [4]

Make the Shape

With good packing snow, start with a large ball for the body and a smaller one on top for the head. Use hands or a small hand shovel to carve out a snout (and neck, if desired).

Source: Planet Dog [5]

Details, Details, Details

Using more snow, add on to the base to form front and back paws. It's easiest to make the dog in sitting position than standing on all fours.

Source: Planet Dog [6]

Improvise the Features

Look for dead leaves, sticks, and rocks to make features. This pooch has rocky eye and nose accents, leaf ears, and whiskers made from twigs.

Source: Planet Dog [7]

Are You Inspired?

The canine is even cuter close up.

Source: Planet Dog [8]

Good Boy

He's mastered his sit-stay . . . until the snow melts, anyway.

Source: Planet Dog [9]

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