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With busy schedules, it can be hard to get in quality time with friends. Combine working out and socializing, and get fit together!

Make a date.
You wouldn't back out of other plans last minute, right? Hold yourself to the same level of accountability and make a workout lunch or dinner date... and leave the car at home and walk instead. Or head to a new class together and grab a tea afterward. Planning with a buddy will keep your workout plans on track while still offering time to talk.

Swap a non-active activity for an active one.
Instead of sitting at a bar, go dancing. Instead of watching TV at home, watch it together at the gym and talk about it afterwards. Bring a lunch and use that typical break to head to the gym in lieu of a sit-down meal, or catch up over a lunchtime walk with a coworker.

Set up an incentive program.
Work -- and work out -- together and make a reward plan for sticking to the routine. Get in friendly competition and see who can workout more or if you can both keep up the gym-going routine. Share your personal goals with pals and check in about each other’s progress. You can even treat yourselves to new gear after hitting a set number of workouts by walking and shopping.

As working out produces natural oils to help skin look healthy and supple, you’ll have a great glow. Share a photo of your fondest moment with a friend be it before, after, or during a workout as part of the St. Ives challenge!