Hope, a tiny puppy born with only two hind legs has a new way of getting around . . . model airplane wheels! The adoro Maltese was used to getting around by hopping on her two legs, until doctors said that this movement would eventually cause injury to her bones and spine.
Coming to the rescue was Dr. David Turnbill, who built her new prosthetic legs free of charge out of model airplane wheels so that she can "walk" around like any other dog could, and in her natural position. Hope's rehabilitation specialist Cassy Englert says that at first Hope was having some issues adjusting to the new way of walking:

She never knew anything other than hopping like she did. The hardest thing is teaching her a new way to get around that's going to actually be better for her.

Thankfully, Hope is taking to her new legs and is even jetting around at some pretty quick speeds. Good to see she's not letting anything stop her!