This isn't the first time we've seen lil Matzo on the set of Bedtime Stories . . . am I the only one hoping she'll have a cameo in this flick?! Adam seems to be giving the smushy a mini swimming lesson at this Santa Monica beach while on a break. Good thing he stays close because she's clearly just learning. If you're curious how to introduce a pup to the water (and to see more pictures of Matzo and Adam),


  • First off, allow your pup to get close to the water at her own pace – never force a pet in! Many dogs may not willingly walk in, but if you start walking into the shallow end, they'll likely follow right along.
  • Pay extra attention to the size of the waves – measure the height of your dog against your leg. If the waves are hitting that part of your leg, keep the novice swimmers closer to shore.
  • When your dog finally gets into the shallow water and splashes around, praise her enthusiastically in a "happy puppy voice" – this lets her know it's safe and a good idea to play!
  • For those pups that like to fetch on dry land, try tossing a ball into shallow water to see if she'll fetch it. This can be all the incentive a pup needs – just in case, attach a rope so you don't lose the toy altogether!
  • Some pups never will want to swim (or be able to), and may need to be rescued – if your pup seems to freeze or panic (like lil Matzo), go rescue her!
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