In what we can only describe as a misguided marketing move, bebe has decided to replace Mischa Barton as their spokesmodel and use Rebecca Romijn instead. The former Mrs. Stamos is gorgeous, of course, but doesn't really seem to fit with bebe's target demographic. Plus, Mischa's looking pre-ty good in the ol' bikini recently. Here's more:

"Rebecca Romijn is a strikingly beautiful, multi-talented star, who exudes a sexy and playful elegance that is the essence of the bebe woman," said Manny Mashouf, Founder and Chairman [of bebe].

"Rebecca is very much like Mystique, the action character she has portrayed in the blockbuster X-MEN franchise," continued Mr. Mashouf. "She is fearless and self confident and these are qualities that resonate with women today."

"bebe continues to push the limits on sexy," commented Greg Scott, Chief Executive Officer. "In that spirit, Rebecca embodies key attributes of the bebe brand - sensuality, sophistication and effortless beauty."

And what is Mischa, chopped liver? Someone better give that girl another job, and quick. After all, she's got her puppy and sharply dressed boyfriend to take care of. For lots more cute pics of Mischa and Ziggy just